Sunday, April 11, 2010

North Louisiana Blogs: From the Vatican to Amish Country to Andy's Back Yard

Pat has been sick and grouchy, but is getting back into the swing over at And So It Goes in Shreveport. I was taken this week with a link she posted on Twitter to pictures before Katrina. Check these out, you won’t regret it. They are amazing.
Darrell has posted an excellent article on his visit to Amish Country. It is very informative and interesting.
Andy, the #1 Bossier Parish Blogger is busy, well, being Andy. Go over there and check out his pictures of purple irises. The other Bossier blog is watching the political side of things, particularly the choice of a new police chief for Bossier City.
Rex at Conservative Drink is standing on the right side of things – not a bad place to be!
James H. at Opiniated Catholic is a prolific blogger. I check in there pretty often and always enjoy what he has to say.
Donna at Opining Online has much more important things to do than blog right now. She’s gone to Arizona to have a grandbaby! I’ll bet we’ll be seeing some pictures soon.
Wheeler is busy trying to keep us all intellectually honest over at the Norla Blog.
Chicken Fried Gourmet, as usual, is posting pictures and recipes that will make your mouth water.
I hope you guys are all keeping up with each other, as we have a wealth of information and opinions spinning around our North Louisiana blogsphere.

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  1. Nyuk! You spelled it wrong. It's the #1 Bossier Parish "booger."

    Thanks for the link, Jim...and for directing me to others.