Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching up

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on here, but we’ve been a little busy in Bossier for the last couple of weeks.
Speaking of Bossier, the people of the Haughton/Princeton area never fail to disappoint, as reported by The Norla Blog and As Seen in Shreveport.
The Opinionated Catholic has a story about two boys in Memphis who were burned in a house fire, one died and one is in critical condition. Read what their aunt had to say. You won’t believe this one.
As always, Pat is keeping us current on national politics, particularly an interesting race in New York’s 23rd House District.
There are plenty more good blog posts up this week, hit the blogs on the sidebar and catch up if you have missed them.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Battle of the Blogs in Central Louisiana

I am proud to say that despite very disparate views on the issues, I have never seen personal attacks and name calling among our Shreveport/Bossier blogs.
In Alexandria, however, a different situation has emerged. Ed Hooper, who publishes the blog wesawthat has been sued by Greg Aymond of Central La Politics. (Copy of the suit is here).
Greg and Ed Hooper (wesawthat) have been engaged in a war of words for quite a while. CenLamar has been peripherally involved, having been taken to task by both wesawthat and Central La Politics. It has been my impression that Lamar and Drew at CenLamar have taken a more reasoned and less inflamatory approach than either Aymond or Hooper; it is a ‘scorched earth’ policy between these two.
I link all of these blogs, as well as would-be peacemaker Alex Cenla's Rants & Ravings, and read them daily.
I hope they can somehow resolve their differences in an amicable manner.