Saturday, March 27, 2010

North Louisiana Blogosphere is Thriving

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I feel guilty, and the best way to assuage that guilt is to get busy and start posting.
North Louisiana has too many great blogs and we need to let the world know.
I have updated the blog feed on the sidebar, and if I have forgotten anyone please let me know. During the next week I'll be reviewing some individual blogs, and will start doing that on a regular basis.
Happy Blogging!


  1. Hey Jim, I didn't know that you had this resource over here. Thanks man!

    I put it on my feed reader, so I can at least check the blog roll if you don't have time to post anything. Great! Thanks for including me in the bunch. I mean it.

  2. Andy, I let it slip for a while, but I really think we have a bunch of good blogs in our part of the state. Not taking away anything from NOLA or Baton Rouge, they have some great blogs - but so do we. We need to promote them.

  3. Hello folks. I was wondering if I could be part of your North Louisiana blogs. I'm in Shreveport and my blog is Thanks and I look forward to new posts.