Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who woulda thought? North Louisiana has a blog for nudists.

North Louisiana Naturist was Organized in Feb. 2007 when new int(e)rest was found in Monroe Louisiana.
Mar. 12, 2007 the North Louisiana Naturist web site was born.
Naked: Not wearing clothes.
Nekkid: Not wearing clothes and you're up to something.
I checked out this blog and the folks just appear to just be naked. (No, there are no pictures.)
The blog is based in Bastrop, La., north of Monroe.
Since this blog is for all of you, I'll let you decide - should we link or not. Personally, I see no reason not to.
I'm putting a poll in the sidebar - please vote.


  1. Acroding to the Blog it appears they even attend nude Civil War Stuff

    Whtae to dislike :)

    I voted yea

  2. Assuming, James, that they are fighting for the Confederacy. We certainly wouldn't want Naked Yankees in our midst.

  3. I see the evil forces against natural nudism and in the buff Civil War stuff has not voted another crucial no vote

    In a few days what a victory for Bastrop Naturist